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Social Media Detox: 30 Day Update

It’s almost the end of April and I can’t believe I have not done this sooner! If you haven’t read my original Social Media Detox post then please head over here and read up before you continue.

It’s been over thirty days since I took on the thirty-day social media detox and I am excited to update you on my progress. Long story short? I did it and it was incredible. I deleted Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the full thirty days.

Week 1

The first week was hard as expected, I found myself picking up my phone and putting it back down a lot for the first couple of days, as I got to the 5th of 6th day I started to feel like I didn’t want to keep my phone on me all the time and instead chose to leave it in different rooms of the house which gave me a sense of freedom.

Week 2

By the second week, I was enjoying the break from social media and started to feel a bit better about myself and my body. I wasn’t comparing myself to photos online, instead, I focused on having meaningful conversations with people around me. By the end of the week, I noticed I had more time so I started reading books and dedicating time in the morning for meditating.

Week 3 & 4

My biggest feeling about the last two weeks was that I didn’t miss the social media at all. My FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) had disappeared, I felt I was doing a really good job of self-care and taking more time out for myself and my husband. I was feeling really damn good.

What now?

I’m sure you’re dying to know if I went crawling back to social media after I finished my detox and the answer is no. For the first 15 days after I was still cold turkey apart from two or three times I nipped on my laptop to post a status and check a comment. Almost a month later I still haven’t re-downloaded Facebook and Twitter but I have re-downloaded TikTok and Instagram although I am monitoring my self esteem and confidence closely.

Would I recommend a social media detox?

Hell yeah! I can’t recommend a thirty-day social media detox for anyone and everyone. It is definitely worth giving it a go, it did my mental health the world of good and I felt so much better about myself.

Let’s Chat

Have you tried a social media detox? I want to know how you got on!


  • Lottie

    I’m glad you found it useful! I’m not sure I could do it 😂 as blogger I always feel like there’s stuff on social media I could be doing x

    • Mind Over Meds

      When your mental health is in the bin and your depression is making you want to die I guess you put it above social media and blogging. So glad I did, recommend everyone gives it a go, even if you just try 7 days.

  • Sophie Harriet

    Congratulations on succeeding with this! I know that a break from social media would be beneficial for me, but it’s difficult because I use social media to promote my blog. I don’t use Facebook for this purpose though, so a break from Facebook is something I might consider!

  • Brooke at Blue to Bliss

    I’m glad you had such a good experience detoxing from social media. It can be really toxic if you are not careful. I’ve taken breaks before too, and I realized I really didn’t miss anything important at all.

    • Mind Over Meds

      I know, it’s crazy isn’t it that our lives without social media wouldn’t be that different and may even be better? I’m definitely making it a regular thing to take time out of social media.

  • a Life on a Dime

    I rely heavily on social media for my blog, but I have enjoyed separating out my personal accounts and taking breaks from those. Some days if I’m really busy I’ll stock my Buffer schedule and just engage later in the day on one or two platforms. It can definitely be overwhelming. And I don’t even have as many accounts as most! Good to hear you took a break and it did you some good! Thank you for sharing.

  • Jaya Avendel

    I love that you did a detox and came out feeling happy with the results! Social media has its ups and downs and there is nothing like taking a break to figure out which sides are the good ones and which are the bads ones we do not really need in our lives.
    Thanks for sharing this!

  • Zhade Metts

    Doing a Social Media Detox was one of the best things I have don’t for myself this year! I immediately felt my anxiety and depression lessening, I had way more time to do things I actually enjoyed! I also red several books on how terrible social media is for us in general and its pretty startling! I felt so strongly about the benefits that it had in my own life that I have started incorporating more content about the dangers of social media on my own site!

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